1. A Test Drive
Just start with a test drive / introductory lesson is a great way to come out and have a look around. Try the flight Simulator for a blast then a take real aircraft for a fly. Also you also get to meet the friendly people out at the airport. Plus pretty cost-effective it only $125
2. Just start doing it..

Just start doing it by coming out and just doing regular lessons (each lesson average is around somewhere between 120 and $160 a week) . and if you do this for about 18 months you will wind up with a private pilots licence.

3. Do a medical
Do a medical. As you can appreciate flying an aeroplane you need to remain conscious throughout the exercise. This medical is not to check that you are superhuman, just that you need to be in average health to be fit to fly.
4. Gain some knowledge
Like any licence, there are a couple of exams you need to pass. However don’t worry, all this is made very easy with aerohire’s own online training system plus with the support of your instructor
5. Pass a Flight Test
Right from your very first flight you’ll be shown how easy it is to fly accurately, so passing a flight test will become a “non event” for you.
I around fugues an is $250/hr and Private Pilot Licence is 55-65 hours of flying.
Plus medical fee, Exam fees and flight test Fee.
Just pay for each as you fly , a bulk Rate is available on per-paid Plan.